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Britney’s Album


Alrighty, So I went onto ITunes and bought Britney’s new album.

Don’t look at me like that.

But I have to say… I really like it. Like a lot…

Perfect lover, Break the Ice, Ooh Ooh Baby, Piece of me, Gimme More (duh), and Why should I be Sad. And Why “Everybody” isn’t on the standard I don’t know. It’s super good mixed in with the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams….

All those are good. All going into my car tomorrow. This CD is so not safe for kids. But I don’t have any so it’s ok. :-D

Why Sould I be sad is the most autobiographical. Even talking about that Ferrari she bought K-Fed. Dang.
All in all it really reminds me of some of Janet Jackson’s stuff around Rhythm Nation

Just my little review for those who were wondering.

photo source via myspace