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Britney's a Brat

britney spears

Ug, what a little spoiled brat Britney Spears is! Well, I’ll give her some leeway since she’s sick, mentally. But little Miss thing doesn’t want her daddy, Jamie Spears to be in control of her or her money. Could that be because he’s telling her what to do?!?! That daddy really has her best interests in mind? That she can’t just do whatever anymore?

Just like a little brat who wants her way. But then, with momma Lynn being the one who let her do whatever for so long what do we really expect from her? REALLY!

So Britney is sending her DIVORCE lawyers to have her father’s control taken away because she doesn’t like him. Will she hold her breath next until she turns blue? (Her divorce lawyers are also buddy with Osama Lutfi, fyi… interesting)

But it may be hard for her to get her way in court considering she’s being held in the MENTAL WARD and has been judged not able make her own decisions!!!!

She’s sick, and spoiled… not a good combo for making good decisions.