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Britney Update

britney spears red shirt blue slip top

YEEEHAW!!!! … now that the court drama has ended for the day let’s do a Britney Spears roundup

* Her visitation rights are still the same with her two sons, Sean and Jayden.

* Her dad, Jamie is still co-conservator or her estate.

* Britney’s lawyers had yet to serve Osama Lutfi with his restraining order because he REFUSES to open the door!!!

* Osama Lutfi HAS BEEN IN CONTACT with Brit violating the restraining order (TMZ says they know for a fact he spoke to her over the weekend)

* Pappa Jamie wants to fire Trope and Trope Brit’s divorce lawyers due to their tight relationship with OSAMA LUTFI.

* Brit’s lawyers, Trope and Trope, are subpeona-ing a member of KEVIN’s team as he has SUBSTANTIAL information in the case.

And that’s all for now…. :-D