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Britney drug tests.

Well, well, well. It seems that Britney Spears finally got a correct phone number to the courts. She took her drug test. She’s been studying soooooo hard for that thing too!

Some tabloids are saying she tested positive, but OK! is saying that she did not. ug.

“The only thing that came up on the results was the prescriptions the court doctor prescribed. There has been no illegal drugs or even alcohol in any of the results.”

NOT EVEN ALCOHOL?!?!?! You mean she’s just plain old nuts? This is Britney CLEAN?!?! Oy Vey.

So what were the Court Dr. prescribed drugs? Provigil, an anti-narcolepsy drug, which is rumored to be used by cocaine addicts to get off the powder. But that’s just a rumor. And what’s the COURT doing appointing her a doctor? If she’s using Provigil to get off coke, that would make sense.

As for the RUMOR she tested positive

“If she had tested positive, she wouldn’t be with the boys right now. There are no illegal drugs in her system. Someone is making s*** up. This case is sealed and no one has access to the results at all.”

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