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Britney bulimic, not a surprise


It seems that after seeing herself at the VMA awards, Britney Spears has been starving herself, taking diet pills, and the classic binge and purge. Yippie another “star” with an eating disorder.

Ok reports

Spears will do anything to lose weight, including starving herself as well as binging and purging.

A pal reportedly told OK! that Spears said, “I’ll starve myself because I’m fat.”

OK! magazine’s source also alleges Britney is addicted to diet pills and combines them with large amounts of coffee and RedBull.


Yeah, don’t go see a shrink or anything Brit…. Don’t do it. Don’t get help. Don’t get put on Zoloft. Don’t do Cog/Be therapy. DON’T DO IT!!!! you might get better… then you’d have to face reality and acknowledge you’ve totally screwed up!


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