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Britney back in the hospital!

I’m just so not interested in this anymore. It’s just a constant merry go round of chaos. I love her, but this isn’t surprising.

Alrighty, here’s the dirt

Britney was taken to the hospital, again, for a mental evaluation, again, early this morning. There had been FALSE reports that she had tried to kill herself that prompted the cops to come out to her home, but those are false!


Britney exited the rear entrance of The Summit (reserved for fire and emergency vehicles) in the back of an ambulance on her way to UCLA Medical Center. Following behind her in a Range Rover was her mother Lynne and Adnan. Sam was behind them, riding solo in an Escalade, with Britney’s cousin Alli Sims and a friend pulling up the rear.

Minutes later, Britney’s father Jamie Spears was forced to go the long way to the hospital, as he was unable to pass through the police barricades.

Around 1:30am PT, Britney’s ambulance — with its blacked-out windows — arrived at UCLA Medical Center where the pop star was admitted. When asked by OK!, her father Jamie would neither confirm nor deny reports that his daughter had been committed by her psychologist.

There is also word from the LA TIMES that it was her psychiatrist who was at the house that called the ambulance.

Authorities said the welfare hold was prompted by a telephone call they received from Spear’s psychiatrist. It was unclear exactly when they had received the call, but it was apparent that the operation had been carefully planned over a period of time.

Maybe this is why momma Lynn was called in if this was in the works for some time.

Good luck Brit!