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Bridget’s Still married?


Star Magazine just did an exclusive interview with Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door. And I was pretty surprised.

* It seems that yes, Hef is planning on having kids with Holly and is even having his sperm banked for her if something happens.

* Holly will be raising the baby on her own… he doesn’t do diapers.

* Hef is still married.

* His ex lives next door

* Bridget is still married to someone in Lodi, CA who supported her going to the mansion to be a Playmate.

* Bridget talks to her ‘ex’ all the time and they might even get back together.

* Hef doesn’t understand why the press wants to take pics of the girls without him.

Interesting… I had no idea Bridget was still legally married… I wonder if he gets some of her cash that she makes from the show?

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