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Bridget's in Morocco AND Cancun, TONIGHT!

Are you getting the travel bug? With the weather heating up (except here in the SoCal rain) most of us are dreaming of escaping to somewhere new, and fabulous. Bridget does that again tonight and Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches as she escapes to both Morocco AND Cancun!

Essaouira, Morocco
One hundred miles west of bustling Marrakech lies Essaouira, a tranquil beach town with a reputation for world-class winds, great music and guaranteed relaxation. The wide-open beach, colorful medina and friendly locals make Essaouira one of Morocco’s most popular coastal destinations. Bridget and friend Pilar Lastra (Playboy’s Miss August 2004) enjoy a mix of traditional customs and modern fun.
Essaouira, Morocco airs Thursday, June 4 at 10pm E/P on the Travel Channel.

Cancun, Mexico
Bridget explores Cancun’s beautiful coastline, natural wonders and exciting nightlife. Highlights include flying high above the Cancun shoreline, a sea trek at Xcaret Eco-Park, exploring an underground cave, and checking out the “wild life” at one of Cancun’s biggest nightclubs.
Cancun airs at 10:30

I can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco! See you there!

More pics of Bridget below