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Bret Michaels NOT the "other man" in Cyrus divorce

Rumors have been afire today that the reason Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce was because his wife, Tish, got more than a little friendly with Bret Michaels while he and daughter Miley was recording a duet.

Now, Bret is denying that he has been sharing eyeliner with Hannah Montana’s mommy.

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez reached out to Tish Tuesday for a response, and she told him that the report is “completely false and not true.”

Bret’s rep also told us, “The reports are far from the truth.”

The “Celebrity Apprentice” winner has been close with the Cyrus family ever since he and Miley teamed in February for Bret’s song, “Nothing to Lose.”

Well thank goodness for small miracles. Not that Tish probably didn’t consider it. I mean, look at the man! Y’all might see the Rock of Love bus, and a brain explosion followed by a hole in the heart, but I see the lead singer of Poison who kicked some junior high BUTT at my school!!!!!!! WOOOOOOYAAAAAY yeah that’s right, I said it, what you gonna do about it? huh!

Images via Fame Pictures