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Breaking Bad Returns, 8/11/2013 *video*

walter white breaking bad remember my name

We have waited long enough.

Walter White and Jesse return this Sunday, 8-11-2013 with the final 8 episodes of season 5 on AMC.

This should be quite a ride.  Hank now knows about Walter, or thinks he does, anyway.  And what leads Walter out to California for his 52nd birthday?

Very much looking forward to what these last few episodes hold… for everyone.  Including Heisenberg.

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  1. Love me some Breaking Bad

  2. I can’t wait for this tonight! I love Breaking Bad and Walter White has to be one of the greatest characters in the history of television!

  3. Such a good show – but I am SEASONS behind!

  4. This show is just so good

  5. Tonight’s episode was fantastic!!!

  6. Loved that last scene tonight with Walt and Hank – Walt was cold!

  7. I need to catch up with this, it looks great!

  8. There’s a lot of bald people in this clip…just sayin’!