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Break the Ice

break the ice britney spears

Yay!!! While we will be missing Britney Spears’ reported chair dance, we will be treated to an Anime type cartoon for her new video “Break the Ice”. Now, this is my favorite song off the album, besides Why Should I Be Sad which I hope is next (yes, I bought the whole CD…STOP LAUGHING), and they better not do anything incredibly stupid. Wait, this is a music video for MTV, a channel that doesn’t play music videos anymore. So does it really matter?

It’s not that a lot of her videos aren’t cartoons anyways. Toxic, and Do Somethin’ were basically cartoons with real people. Ok, I really need to get out more.

Love love love the drawings though. It’s like Brit Brit, only futuristic… rawr! At least this way we don’t have to see her exploit herself again. And she can focus on getting better.

Get well Britster!!!!

Britney Spears Break the Ice Smirk break the ice