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Brad Pitt, doesn't mind death by shark


The questions that Brad Pitt has been getting for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” have been rather predictable.  Mostly how he feels about aging, and death, etc…

While promoting the film in Berlin, he got the same question again… but it was his answer about HOW he’d like to die, and how he WOULDN’T like to die that caught people’s attention.

I’m not so afraid of getting old,” the 45-year-old father of six explained at a press conference for the film in Berlin on Monday. “I’m more afraid of how I’ll go.”

As for particular ways he’d prefer not to meet his maker, Brad revealed that, “fire and tight spaces don’t appeal… A shark would be interesting.”

A shark out be… INTERESTING?   WHAT?!?!  Considering last year we SoCal people had someone get bitten by a shark, and subsequently die from bleeding to death on our beach in Solana Beach, it does not seem “INTERESTING”.  It sounds like something terrible.   But then so does a fire…. shiver.

And judging by some of the pics from the premier, do you think he was just funning with the reporter, since he’d heard the question so many times, or was he just a little under the influence?

And what do you think of Angelina Jolie’s hair?

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