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Brad And Angelina Got Married: Details on Angelina’s DRESS!

Brad Pitt and Angeina Jolie married

In the biggest, oh really?, news of the day, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married over the weekend. Their joint publicist made a statement this morning to the question everyone stopped asking, mainly because we don’t care. What? Who said that?

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“Brad and Angie got married right before lunch local time on Saturday in the chapel in the grounds next to their house at Chateau Miraval,[E online]

The couple have been together for a decade and have 6 kids together. Many thought they had actually gotten married years ago, and were just using statements to get more press for their movies.

One of their guests went running to the press and spewed all the details of the wedding including Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress! Guess who is NOT getting a Christmas card this year.

As for the select few in attendance, the source says, “The only guests were Brad’s family from the states—his mom and dad, Bill and Jane Pitt; his brother, Doug; sister Julie; and their kids, so it was no more than 22 people in total.” Jolie’s father Jon Voight was not in attendance.

“Brad and Angie said handwritten vows telling each other how much they love each other and their beautiful family and they both had tears in their eyes as did everyone else,” the insider adds. “It was short but loaded with meaning, and it was a lovely way to start life in their new family home now that the building work is finally finished.”

The source describes the 39-year-old actress’ wedding dress as “very traditional, but very Angie.” “It was comfortable with plain white floor length antique lace and silk,” the source explains. “She had a veil but Brad lifted it and gasped because she looked so stunning. The boys all wore tiny matching cream linen suits which were just like Brad’s while the girls had each chosen a dress to match their own individual style and they had them specially made.” [E Online]

Oh and there was food! Can you imagine, food at a wedding!

“They all went back into the main house into the ‘Great Hall’ and had a big celebration lunch with local hams, cheeses, freshly caught sea bass, Italian pastas and champagne, as well as Chateau Miraval rosé wine [Pitt and Jolie’s own brand],” the source reveals. “There were three different types of cakes, all picked by the kids—one was a strawberry ice cream one, another was a three chocolate gateau and a third had fresh cream and raspberries.”[E Online]

To be honest most of us stopped caring about “Brangelina” about 5 years ago. The ever press twisting couple taunted their fans and gossip magazines with the will they or won’t they antics. I guess congratulations to the couple and their kids?

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  1. I would like to see the dress… wonder if actual pics will be made public.

    • Oh you KNOW they sold the pics to some magazine.