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Brad brings Shilo and Zahara to see Mom

brad pitt shilo jolie zahara jolie pitt


We can all relax now, because Shilo and Zahara are here to take care of everything. They demanded that daddy, Brad Pitt, bring them to see Angelina Jolie. Is it so hard to get things done around here? I mean, geeze!

Mommy, Angelina Jolie, had checked into Lenval hospital yesterday as was preplanned. So it wasn’t some sort of emergency or anything that sent her to her to the hospital.

Spokesperson for the hospital, Nadine Bauer, said

‘Ms. Jolie came to the hospital last night as part of a preplanned rest period, before she gives birth.
‘The visit has been planned for a long time, there are no complications. She is just resting.’

The spokesperson also said this does not mean that she will give birth anytime soon.

So put those candles and incense away… the saviors of the free world will be a little later than expected.



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