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Brad and George Fighting?

It seems things may not be all chocolate and roses for one of Hollywood’s biggest couples.

Word is that George Clooney and Brad Pitt are no longer feeling the love and all of this is over… a movie role. Both of the boys want to be in, MY FAIR LADY. WHAT?!?! Brad and George want to play the part of Henry Higgins so badly, that they’re fighting over it.

George recently said (ala Mr Paparazzi)

“We both badly want a particular role and neither is backing down. It’s sort of become an intense competition between us now and it just keeps escalating. For now we’re both so angry we’re not even in contact any more.”

Hmmm, something doesn’t sound right. I mean, I can see Brad being desperate to play the Higgins role, and the producers begging George to do it, but I don’t see them fighting EACH OTHER to play the role.

And it’s a quote from George Clooney! You can never take it for face value.

Here’s more pics of George filming a HONDA commercial in Milan.