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Brad and Angie get clingy at Inglourious Basterds

brad angelina inglorious basterds premier

Woooo, the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Inglourious Basterds premiered tonight in Hollywood.  And the only thing people are talking about is that Brad Pitt and Angelina showed up together.  (is the movie really not that interesting?)

Did they feed Angelina catnip before letting her out of the house?  I mean, how clingy can you get on the red carpet?  Not that showing your baby daddy some love isn’t adorable, because it is, but um… she’s holding onto him like he’s a steak.  And girl can stand to eat a steak.  Maybe it was something, umm, E-xceptional? No?  ok..

She does look good, tiny, but good.   There is something different in the face, though.  Just a new make up style?  Hair color?  Something more?  hmmmm  And I’m I the only one that immediately thought of her leather dress from the Mr and Mrs Smith premier years ago?   Man, I thought she was tiny then!

Brad is looking ok.  He has a nice suit on, but what’s with the sunglasses?  You sir, played Tyler Durden, he was just a character.   Maybe he hasn’t been sleeping… or is still jet lagged?  Too many beers?  Crying?  Meh.. who cares.

More pics of touchy Angelina and Brad’s greying goatie below

Images by Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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