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Boy not reported missing for 10 YEARS!!!!

adam herman

You know how everyone was upset that little Caylee’s mom didn’t report her missing for a month, well, a pair of Towanda, Kansas parents have her beat. Doug and Valerie Herrman
didn’t even report their son Adam Herman who was 11 or 12 (they can’t FREAKING REMEMBER) when he went missing, as missing, 10 YEARS AGO!!!!   It was a concerned family member!!!  WTF is WRONG WITH YOU!

The parent’s lawyer says, um yeah they feel really bad about not reporting the boy missing, yeah.  That probably would have been a good idea, but they were really busy, you know, um, doing stuff.

No here’s what the parent’s of the decade had to say through their paid liar

Wichita attorney Warner Eisenbise, who is representing Adam’s adoptive parents, said the couple “really rue the fact that they didn’t” report the boy missing.

“They feel very guilty” about not doing that, he said in a telephone interview.

“they were very worried about him,”

OH! the best part is… the parents haven’t been charge, on anything.  Nothing, at all.  yup.  Nothing.

I … I really don’t know what else to say….


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  1. or they sold him…he does look prety smart