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Bono, Helena & Penelope on the beach :-D


Summer brings out the most interesting of pairings. In Saint-Tropez France, Bono was spotted walking along the beach holding hands of two beautiful women: Helena Christensen and Penelope Cruz I was really hoping to see Bono in some swim trunks at least. I mean, come on!!!!


I have no idea why these three natural wonders were in Saint-Tropez together. Maybe it has to do with RED?

Splashnet is saying

they all took a boat to the Club 55 harbour in Saint-Tropez France and Bono and Penelope left the VIP Room at four o’ clock this morning looking very intimate and holding hands. So I guess we know which one he favoured.

I dunno. He loves his wife too much to be THAT big of a fool. At least I hope.

Maybe he just asked Helena to re-enact Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ Video. You know, just for fun. ;-)

More pics after the jump!!


Here’s Helena playing with Chris Isaak… you know Bono pretends it’s him ;-)