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Body Found At The Playboy Mansion

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There seems to have been one heck of a party at the Playboy Mansion last night.  TMZ is saying that the Playboy staff found a BODY on the grounds this afternoon!

Mad Men’s Crista Flanagan Covers Playboy

Sources tell us the body of a man was found in the backyard near a fence.

Someone at the mansion tells TMZ there was a hole in the fence and the theory is the man was trying to get through the fence — possibly to attend a charity event last night. We do not know how the man died.

The L.A. County Coroner has already picked up the body.

I can hear the jokes already, but NO, it’s wasn’t Hef.  How creepy to know that someone DIED on your property!  Especially if you don’t even know who they are.

Images via Fame Pictures

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1 Comment

  1. If it were one of the Playmates they could safely leave her where she fell. Silicone doesn’t biodegrade.