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Blue Valentine Premiers in NYC [Pics & Video]

Such a cute naughty couple -BusyBeeBlogger

Last night in NYC, The Museum of Modern Art hosted the Blue Valentine premier. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’ new movie is getting a little bit of press, not only because it looks so good, but it’s fighting the NC-17 rating it’s been handed!

Harvey Weinsten is frighting the rating in hopes of getting an R rating instead. This could mean possible Oscar nods for BOTH Michelle and Ryan, as well as better performance at the box office.

“Usually just my lawyers do the appeals, but this time I am going to,” Weinstein told[via NYdaily News] on Monday.

The MPAA designates “a scene of explicit sexual content” as the reason for an NC-17 brand. But “Blue Valentine,” which follows the breakdown of a relationship, does not feature one particularly graphic sex scene so much as a series of very intimate, lengthy intimate moments.

I so want to see this movie, it just looks so well done. Check out the trailer below!

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Images via Fame Pictures