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Blue Eyes gets his own stamp!

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I love this idea of this!!!! Especially since half my music collection is now “Rat Pack” infused! Frank Sinatra will have his own US stamp unveiled next Wednesday!

The stamp commemorating Frank Sinatra was announced Wednesday by Postmaster General John Potter, who called the crooner “an extraordinary entertainer whose life and work left an indelible impression on American culture.”

“His recordings, concert performances and film work place him among America’s top artists, and his legendary gift for transforming popular song into art is a rare feat that few have been able to replicate,” Potter said.

The stamp image will be unveiled next Wednesday — Sinatra’s birthday — at a ceremony in Beverly Hills, Calif.

You know what would be REALLY cool? What if they did a whole serious with Frank, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr.?!?!? heehee

Hmmm, now where to send them? I’m going to have to start writing real letters again!


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