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Blind Items…YAY!!!!

More blind items, because you love them, and so do I.

This is someone that has never been in the blinds before. Always fun to have fresh faces in here. What you have is a married C list film actress. She is married to a guy in a celebrity family. If I say his career it will give it all away. So, let’s stick with celebrity family for now. So, on the set of her latest film she met another actress and they bonded and started hanging out and it was completely platonic. You thought I was going to say our wife had an affair with the actress. Nope. I really don’t know if our wife is into women, but it turns out that her husband took an immediate liking to the actress his wife brought home. Well, as soon as he had the chance he made his move, and the two have been almost inseparable. You might ask how that would be possible considering he is married. Well, if you figure out the career you will figure out how it is possible. CDAN

The old movie studio system used to match up gay stars with beards to improve their marketability. Times haven’t changed much. Two young Hollywood couples are now being employed in such a ruse. The men in each couple are gay, and the girls are the beards. All of them are aware of their roles. There’s an interesting twist coming up, though. Now that the novelty of each couple has worn off, each couple will be breaking up and swapping partners with the other to stir up controversy and to get them back on the magazine covers. Blind Gossip

Which squeaky clean female pop star is desperately trying to kick a secret smoking habit? Her outfits are so skimpy she has to put nicotine patches on her bum…
3 AM Girls

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