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Blind Items!!!


This one is a shocker. This married, aging, Academy Award winning/nominated actor who is probably C list if you look at what he does now, but would probably only ever appear above the title has had a 15 year habit that is finally beginning to surface. It seems that our married star enjoys certain sexual acts that are certainly not what one would call normal. Always with a woman, but they involve him being on the receiving end of yeah, how can I put this delicately. I really can’t. Let’s just say he enjoys showers that really don’t involve water coming out of a pipe. He also enjoys toys being used on him. Anyway, enough of the sordid aspects. It seems that for the past 15 years our actor has used the same professional who was the model of discretion. She retired at the end of the year, and since then our actor has tried out the services of three or four other professionals who don’t have that same level of discretion and have been blabbing all over town about our actor’s crazy fetishes.

Crazy Days and Nights

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