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Blind Items!!


I can’t believe he forgave her. This celebrity couple was on the verge of divorce. He is a guy. She is a B list television actress with A list name recognition who would probably kill her child to get into movies. Well, she almost did kill her child which is why she almost got divorced. Apparently the way it happened was that our actress was doing lines of coke off a glass table in the living room. The only people home were the maid and a child of the actress. A young child who had been watching mommy do lines. Well, the phone rang and mommy went to go get something out of a bedroom while she was on the phone. Five minutes later, the maid found the child imitating mommy at the glass table. Yeah. Apparently the child didn’t do it exactly right, because when the family doctor made a house call he couldn’t see any damage except for the white powder on the face. While the doctor was there and all this commotion, the husband walked in. He freaked out. Not only because of his child, but also because his wife had told him that she had stopped snorting months earlier. He left with the child after packing up a few things. The marriage was supposed to be over so don’t know what brought them back from the brink. CDAN

Which diva threw a massive hissy-fit when she found her bloke chatting up a blonde waitress at a pre-Oscars party? She had her driver take him home immediately, while she carried on partying. Daily Mirror

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  1. That first one is both sad and disgusting. :(

  2. If anything happens to the kid, i wonder if the Dr. will be in trouble, since he knew of the danger to a minor and didn’t report it