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Blind Item


This B+ only movie actor with A name recognition has been married a very long time. He rarely cheats. When he does cheat, his wife invariably discovers it, but never does anything about it. Well, that is until on the set of his last movie he got involved with a D list actress who has moved up into the world of C list and was heading to B with a bunch of great new roles she got via the casting couch. Well, after she and our B list actor had their fun, she decided that maybe she should try and hitch herself to his star. Our B list actor’s wife got wind of this idea and came to blows with the up and coming actress. No damage was done physically, but our actor’s wife called everyone she knew in town and our up and coming actress has not even had a whiff of an offer since.

Crazy Days and Nights

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1 Comment

  1. Hmm, not sure. But I want that bunny!!!