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Blind Item: Giant Ego Edition

This one’s a doosey.

One night, after being picked up in his limo, this niche singer decided to have a little fun with his driver. His driver obviously didn’t know just who he was, and this was a little unnerving. I guess he’s no rat pack…

He asked the driver “who’s the most famous person you’ve ever had in your car?” The driver answered a B list actress with A list recognition. The singer then said “Well, you can bump her off your list, because I am the most famous person you’ve ever driven around.” When his driver just couldn’t place him yet, our diva-licious singer told him “I sell out stadiums all over the world! I’m (name here)!”

Well, after dropping off the singer, the driver went and hung out with friends and told them what had happened. His friends happened to be REALLY big fans but are not anymore after that story. I guess his diva behavior swayed their opinion of him… and his crooning.



  1. Well this could be anybody!

  2. read it again… there are two or more clues…

  3. Hmmmm…