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“Bless This Food – Ancient & Contemporary Graces From Around The World” – Review

Bless This Food Book Cover

I was sent a copy of “Bless This Food – Ancient & Contemporary Graces From Around The World” by Adrian Butash a few weeks ago. And I cannot praise this book enough. *I know you expect that in a book review, but trust me, this book is beautiful*

What started as me flipping through the pages just to see if something popped out, and to get a feel for the style, ended up as me sitting during all my free time reading graces through times, religions, and nations. To realize we all have the same desire of providing for our loved ones, and thanking the ones that brought us our meal, whether spiritual or human, is universal, is truly moving.

BLESS THIS FOOD presents 160 timeless mealtime blessings in an easy-to-use format for contemporary families, offering background on the traditions to provide context for the eloquent prayers and poems. Prayer has been carefully selected from each of the world’s major religions, as well as from ancient traditions and the work of great poets, thinkers, and activists-including Shakespeare, Milton, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. Also included are two prayers in American Sign Language and the short prayer “bless this food” in nineteen languages.

You do not need to have a background in religion, or have traveled the world to appreciate and feel the long line of connection in “Bless This Food – Ancient & Contemporary Graces From Around The World”.

This would make for a great Thanksgiving or housewarming hostess gift. Or as a gift for Christmas. I really cannot recommend this book enough. PLEASE, when you see it in the book store pick it up, and just flip through it. You will see just how great it is.

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  1. This seems like an interesting read!

  2. I have a few people that would make the perfect gift for.

  3. This does seem interesting. May have to read it.