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Blake Caldwell postsurgery update!

femur hardware blake caldwell

After having BROKE HIS FEMUR earlier this week, Blake Caldwell, cyclist for the Garmin-Slipstream Cycling Team, had surgery to repair the break and is resting semi comfortably. He took to his blog

Wow. Thanks for all of the supportive comments. Reading the comments from others have that had a similar injury, and made it through the reovery, really upped the spirits. Its easy to feel disconnected when your communication to the nurses is limited to “dolor” (pain) and “peepee”. My teammates are awesome. Beyond all the time they spent visiting and talking to me, they brought me real food – pizza, sandwiches, coffee, croissants. My blackberry saved my sanity as I waited for surgery and the 6 hour post-surgery before eating. The hospital staff was genuinely interested in cycling and the team.

I left the hospital yesterday morning. A list of prescriptions to pick up and a piece of paper, and I was out of there, “adios.” I ‘m at Dan Martin’s place now while I get my feet back under me. He’s on the ground level and right in town, so I have everything I need here. Thanks Dan! The stairs to my place would be a little precarious by myself. My roomate, Timmy, just left this morning for Pais Vasco.

Right now, I’m parked in front of the TV watching the Maylasia F1 race, then Flanders is on later.

Uggg, that looks SOOOOO painful!  I mean, uh, GET BETTER BLAKE!!!!

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