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Bill Waterson Of Calvin & Hobbes Illustrates Poster For New Comic Strip Documentary



Calvin and Hobbes fans can can a small party.  Bill Waterson, the beloved illustrator and writer of the long time comic is bringing back his stills for a movie called Stripped.

Stripped is a “feature documentary on the world’s best cartoonists.”  Waterson designed and illustrated the movie’s poster AND the documentary features the very first audio interview with him.  *As a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan this is very exciting*

“In the right hands, a comic strip attains a beauty and an elegance that really I would put against any other art,” Mr. Watterson says in his interview. Mr. Schroeder said, “It seemed like he really wanted to express some thoughts about comics and cartooning, where they had been and where they are going.” The retired cartoonist was so pleased with the documentary that he also supplied the artwork for the poster of the film. [NYTimes]

The documentary is already available on iTunes and the DVD will be released April 2nd.

Image via the wire

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1 Comment

  1. I haven’t heard the name Calvin & Hobbes in ages! What a blast from the past!