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Bill OReilly is a Delicate Flower

Ok, so years ago, I had a friend who worked on Inside Edition. I’ve heard plenty of stories over the past few years about her time there, and how interesting things were, but I never heard about Bill O’Reilly. Maybe she wasn’t there at the time, but I am SOOOO asking her after I saw this today!

Here we have gentle lamb, and loofah sponge aficionado, Bill O’Reilly, showing his more gentle and even tempered side while working on Inside Edition. He can’t seem to get his Conan O’Brien hair around what’s on the prompter, and finally can’t take it anymore yelling “FUCK IT! Do it live! Go write it and we’ll do it live! Fucking thing sucks!”

He should really keep that blood pressure down, he’s going to stroke out!

For Sarah

UPDATE the video above was removed… GEE I WONDER WHO DID THAT!!!

so here ya go!

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