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Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Sweeting Gets A New Look!

Cut,color, joy, joy,joy !!! Thank u @clsymonds and Vanessa @andylecomptesalon

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting (Big Bang Theory’s Penny) teased us a few weeks ago with a faux bob on her Instagram. Now, the actress has gone and done it for real!

Here we go! @clsymonds

The actress took to her Instagram to show off a super cute new bob haircut! You can see the new color above but here’s the pic she showed of the new cut.

We did it @clsymonds ! Now let’s get some color shall we ? @andylecomptesalon

Kaley always looked good with her longer hair, but this bob really shakes it up.
I am really loving this shorter hair trend running through the entertainment world. Taylor Swift rocked the best version I have seen yet recently at an awards show.

What do you think of the shorter ‘do? Love it? Or leave it?

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  1. I REALLY like her hair shorter. She looks adorable!

  2. I love her hair like that. it looks so nice.

  3. Kaley looks so amazing with short hair! This new look is perfect.

  4. I love it, I reckon you can’t beat a good choppy bob for spring/ summer!

  5. I’ve gone short again for summer, it’s great, you literally wash and go!

  6. It reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence’s new hair, it looks great!

  7. I love her hair. She looks better with shorter hair.

  8. Her hair looks so much better short like that. So cute!

  9. Short hair suits Kaley so well, she looks so beautiful!