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Beyonce Rocks a Rock at Jay-Z concert

beyonce madame tussauds


Oh goodie. Here we go. While beau and rumored husband, Jay-Z, was seen sans ring the other day, PEOPLE is saying Beyonce was sporting a rather large diamond last night at his concert.

Beyoncé happily flashed a whopping hunk of diamond on her left-hand ring finger Tuesday night at her new husband’s concert with Mary J. Blige at Atlanta’s Phillips Arena.

Wearing a short black dress and big hoop earrings, the newlywed singer” sat in a VIP area with buddy Usher. The two leapt to their feet to groove hard when Jay-Z launched into his hit “PSA,” with its lyrics, “I got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain.”

Usher threw up the diamond Roc sign, while Beyoncé showed off a telltale diamond rock of her own and waved her arms to the beat.

Wow, gee, a rich woman with a rich partner was wearing big jewelry. I’m sure they’re married, but there’s just something so off about how they’re playing coy. But this is the same couple who never came out and said they were even dating. I guess if it works, it works.

On a different note. Above is a pic of the altered version of Beyonce at Madame Tussaud’s in London. Love the veil with her “Crazt in Love” orange dress. Class!

beyonce wax madame tussaud’s wedding veil