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Betty White Does Saturday Night Live VIDEO!

OH! MY! GOODNESS! Betty White rocked the house on SNL’s “Mother Day” show. It was so well written, and she was great, of course!

Why can’t Saturday Night Live be this well written the rest of the time? It’s like they all finally showed up to work!  (You can see the ENTIRE episode at the SNL site –> !)



Cold Open Lawrence Welk

Video of NPR “Dusty’s Muffins” “My muffin hasn’t had a cherry since 1939”

Manuel Ortiz show

Gingey .. “Because she’s a lesbian!”

Scared Straight “Wizard of ASS”

Census “Ascertain, that used to be my stripper name”

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  1. I was thinking the same thing Cari! The writing was outstanding – maybe Tina Fey had something to do with it. All the alumni girls who showed up made it special too. This should be the season closer, because they won’t get better than this next week, not even close.

    Betty White is funny just like “Kids Who Tell Dirty Jokes.” She made me laugh out loud all alone in my living room. I almost always fall asleep during SNL, but not last night. They made a new classic and one of the best episode’s EVER! Thanks for all the video’s!! – Ruthie

    • You are MORE THAN WELCOME!

      I really don’t know if SNL should even come back if they can’t keep up this level of writing.