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Bethenny Ever After: Turkeys and Trespassing

Trespassing in Beverly Hills: Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy look for houses in Beverly Hills but may have to bend the law to get a good look at one of them.

Bethenny and Jason take a trip into Beverly Hills and consider making a permanent move out to the West Coast. Looking for a close up view, the couple doesn’t mind trespassing to look at what could be their future home. Maybe a big move isn’t exactly what Bethenny needs right now with the overload of work she is taking on. While preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Bethenny hits her breaking point and cracks under the pressure. Will Bethenny take this as a sign to slow down or will she keep at crazy pace until she really loses control?

Find out on Monday 4/18 @ 10/9c on BRAVO’s Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Cracks: Bethenny Frankel admits she took on too much during Thanksgiving and admits she cracked.