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Bethenny Ever After is BACK on Bravo!

The sale of SkinnyGirl cocktails introduces some added luxuries into Bethenny Frankel’s life: an incredible new apartment, trips to exotic locales, and a larger staff are all part of the perks. But that doesn’t mean Frankel’s sitting idle; the quick-witted New Yorker is still living life in the fast lane, juggling her many roles as wife, mother, and mogul in Bethenny Ever After.

As things increasingly shift in her world, Frankel will have to adjust to the realities of marriage, lawsuits, and life in the public eye. Keeping her head above water is one of her fortes, but even with all the indulgences of the good life, this year may prove to be harder than anything she’s experienced before.

Bethenny Ever After – NEW SEASON Premieres Monday, February 20th @ 9/8c on BRAVO

Clip 1: Jason Has Cobwebs Where?

Clip 2: Bethenny Needs “Celebrity School”

Clip 3: The Ups and Downs of Marriage & Fame

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