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Bee in New York: Kitty Bradshaw Blogiversary

Hello Lovelies!

One of the great perks of writing BusyBee is being able to meet other wonderful writers. Earlier this week, I hopped on a plane and few out to NYC to go to Kitty Bradshaw’s 2 year Blogiversary Party!

Kitty Bradshaw (left) in her Nina Shoes.

Now let me tell you, Kitty knows how to throw a party. She was great in getting all of us bloggers together. Yes, it was a blogger party!

Apart showroom was gorgeous

Johnson and Johnson was the title sponsor for the fabulous event. Held at the APART showroom, this event was just fantastic!  Having the APART clothing line as the art for the evening, was a nice touch. (Really nice quality clothes, and they’re affordable.)
My favorite outfit is on the right.

When you walked into the event, not only were you meant by the clothes, but there was a nice little snack station with cupcakes from Tonnie Minnies (Mentioned in this week’s TimeOut Magazine, also a sponsor of the event), and Cabbot Cheese! Um, not photos of the food, because I ate it.

Two of our bartenders for the night

With food goes drinks! Smirnoff Vodka offered up the giggly drinks, and even developed a special cocktail just for Kitty Bradshaw! My favorite  was the combination of the Smirnoff Vodka Pineapple with another sponsor, Skinny Water. This stuff was the best! Most no/low calorie drinks are WAY too sweet, but this was mellow, and oh so tasty. (Try the Gogi Fruti Punch with pineapple vodka.)

Smart Box Gift Experience Display Table

Sakura Nails & Spa using Priti NYC Organic products

Not only was there the expected yummies and drinks, but I got a manicure while rubbing elbows!  Sakura Nail & Spa provided manicures for everyone, done with Priti NYC ORGANIC nail polish and products.  I NEVER get my nails done so I just felt so pretty and special.  And this was the best time to chat up other people.  We were all standing in line so why not just strike up a conversation?

Matt from Nina Shoes was VERY popular.

Can we talk about the most visited part section of the night?  I mean, besides the booze and cupcakes.  It’s called a wall of shoes.  Matt from Nina Shoes came for the night, and that man couldn’t have been more popular.  Matt also runs the Nina Shoes blog, and you can catch what he had to say about the event with lots of pics.

I even walked away (literally) with a new pair of shoes!!  Can you stand it?

Bee’s new friends in the city

This was one of the best events I have ever been to.  No pretense, but there were plenty fantastic bloggers, and those supporting us, all together for fun, in a more than fabulous setting.   It was so nice to meet everyone.  I even ran into my T J MAXX rep! Does it get any better?  Not for me it doesn’t.

Thank you for the most wonderful night!


  1. Girl…this is just what you needed! I look forward to the day I get to attend events like this WITH you!

    xoxo j

    p.s. Don’t forget my postcard…even if you send it from home! ;)

    • I sent it from the largest post office I had seen in my life! :-)

  2. Glad you liked the shoes, Cari!

    Nina is planning a blogger event of our for the near future. Hope you can catch a flight back for it! I’ll let you know the details as they unfold.

    Thanks for such a nice write-up! And thanks for supporting Nina Shoes.