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Bee hits La Jolla!


Hey lovelies.  Every once in a while, this Bee is allowed out of my dark room and I go out into the “real” world.  Shocker I know.  This time, I hopped in the car and drove down to CUPS in La Jolla just north of San Diego.  Cups is an ORGANIC CUPCAKE LOUNGE.  That’s right, cupcake lounge! I love it.

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I had been hearing about Cups online from a couple of La Jolla press people, so I wanted to try it out for myself.  Everyone has been raving, since it’s organic.  I guess that’s a way of thinking it’s health food ;-)

So, I arrived at Cups, and it’s very hip, chic, yet mommy and me accessible.  Not a fluffy stop, but cool lighting, and nice concrete benches outside. One of the walls is covered in empty milk bottles, back lit in green. The clientele when I was there, were mommies with kidlets, young couples, and even a couple on a stop from their motorcycle ride. Nice mix.

But let’s get to the important part, the cupcakes.   I am a cupcake fan.  But, really, who isn’t?  Now, I don’t like those HUGE cupcakes that Barnes and Noble thinks we all need.  I like a normal sizes cupcake, or even a mini.  But they have to be good, not dry, and tasty.

Cups has an endless line of cupcake flavors, but they have about 7 available each day. They’re on a rotation, so new flavors every day.

So I bought a vegan Berry, Tiramisu, Love Cup (lemon) and was given the Caramel Macchiato for free. How nice of them.

BEST- LOVE CUP! Oh this was fabulous. I am a lemon fan to begin with and I was really excited to see that this one was on the menu for the day. It has a nice lemon cake, frosting, and there’s a lemon curd in the center of the cake. I really cannot praise this one enough.

No the best- The vegan berry was done out of boldness. I mean, how DO you make a vegan cupcake taste great? Well, unfortunately, despite the young man behind the counter’s obvious excitement of my ordering it, the vegan berry fell flat. While it had a very pleasant flavor, and the frosting was light and airy with a subtle berry taste, the texture was heavy, and it smelled like wet dough. And it sat heavy in my stomach. I should have had that one at the end.

I’d definitely go back, especially for a party with friends.

CUPS is available for private parties, catering, and cooking classes are held throughout the week.