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Battle: Los Angeles Release Date and TRAILER

Aliens are attacking Los Angeles!! Good thing we have Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez to save us!! In the new trailer for Battle: Los Angeles you finally get to see what I had a sneak peek of during Comic Con.

The story follows the Marines that fight the invaders from an embedded point of view.

The style of filming was inspired by the embedded reporters that are with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“When I saw 40 minutes of this the other day, I literally grabbed my hands like an Xbox,” described Rodriguez. “It’s really like a first-person shooter game.”
Eckhart, meanwhile, said he was convinced to do the movie by Liebesman, who showed him a presentation involving soldiers doing urban combat in Fallujah to show how he wanted to shoot the movie.

“We made a war movie. With aliens. Jonathan brought me to the part.”

I cannot wait to see this in the theaters!   Battle: Los Angeles is released March 11, 2011.

Aaron Eckhart heads to Battle:Los Angeles ComicCon -BusyBeeBlogger

Image and Trailer via Battle LA Website