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Batman's new trailer !

Who would have thought that’d I would be interested in the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight”? Well, if anyone knows me they would have thought that I’d be camped out in front of the Regal downtown with my laptop and a copy of American Psycho, and Secretary watching them over and over again. Is it wrong that I found Christian Bale very attractive as a serial killer?

I think the only thing keeping me from being interested is Heath Ledger. I know, and I don’t care, so let the horrendous comments begin. I’ve never liked him as an actor, but he seems to be doing a great Jack Nicholson/Amy Winehouse impression so it shouldn’t be that bad.

The idea of Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal getting together is just absolutely yummy. Don’t believe me? Rent American Psycho and Secretary…. hmmmmmmmm.