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Bait and Switch


Last night as Beso, Jessica Simpson arrived with her family, Pappa Joe, and Ashlee, with Tony Romo looking like the above pic.   By the end of the night she left looking like…


Yeah, um.  WTF when on in the restaurant?!?!  Did she fall asleep in the bathroom, on the floor, and get walked all over?  Girlfriend, you best get a hold of yourself!  She actually looked really really nice going IN to eat.


Ok I’m being harsh.  But she did look good before she get her grub on.  Why did she let her hair down?  I don’t get it!  In contrast sister Ashlee was looking really good.  Even after dinner :-)

Below, more pics of Pappa Joe, Ashlee, and Jessica and Tony all at Beso last night.


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