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lindsay lohan new york magazine

Whose idea was this?!?! Lindsay Lohan is NOT MARILYN MONROE!!! Listen, I know that MM is in no way a role model, but she did have that certain something… and LL doesn’t have it. I don’t know whether to be upset at the editor, photographer, New York Magazine or Lindsay. We all know Lindsay wants to be like Marilyn… but come on dear….

And might I say that the original photos of MM were of when she was in her 30s… Lindsay (in her 20s) looks BEAT! To see the rest of the pics click here but be forewarned NSFW due to she’s topless.

She has no movie, that “album” of hers won’t be out until summer (maybe) so there’s no reason for all of these magazine interviews….

KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON LINDSAY! Either that of just call Larry Flynt and get it overwith.