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Back to School Fun For Alumni Means College Football

USC vs Stanford at Levi Stadium American Flag

Head Back to School … but not For Classes

Heading back to school can mean a lot of things. New clothes, new books (YAY), and new classmates. But for many of us who have already finished school, returning to campus for Fall means (fun!) College Football and Tailgating season! So just sit back and revel in the fact that you don’t have an essay due on Monday and enjoy all of the fun campus has to offer. Spirited alumni communities keep colleges going, especially when it comes to athletic departments.

Bonus?! You don’t even need to have graduated from your local university to join in on the game day fun. My Alma Mater is in the Midwest, so traveling all the way back for football season is out of the question. Instead, I join alumni from USC to celebrate in the Trojan spirit and of course, their game days! Lots of food, so many stories, and plenty of school pride to go around.

The College Lay Out

Find out if you and your thousands of fellow Trojans (or Bears, or Cougars) will be setting up in the campus area, or in the parking lot near the stadium. This will help you plan on what you are willing to schlep around and how far you need to carry it. Nothing like dragging a cooler full of sodas and water a few miles into campus, only to have to bring it all back to the car before game time. Oof! What a buzz kill. So my rule is: if it can’t fit into a couple of tote bags, I’m not carrying it that far. I’m just sayin… To keep your belongings nice and orderly, and to sport your school colors (obviously), I highly suggest getting custom cotton tote bags made. They’re inexpensive, AND you can have your school’s mascot, name, or even an inside joke screen-printed on them – just for you and your friends.

Game Day Tote with pink and grey

If you plan on bringing your bag in to the game, REMEMBER: they need to be made of see through material. And the ones the athletic department sells on campus are as ugly as a freshman hangover during midterms, and fall apart as fast as your study schedule. My main point here is: step up the quality and look of your stadium bag – you will not be disappointed. Get a clear and stylish bag for game day that will last more than one season.

Let You Alumni Pride Fly

Don’t deny it, you’ve definitely got some alumni pride – so let your colors fly! Your friends will be pleasantly surprised and excited when you break out your new decked out custom game day gear for your tailgating, tent-gating, or at home couch-gating.  Get a custom flag designed to put on top of your shade tent, or in front of your house, so your crew can know where the party is! Want to get even more fun and creative? Why not get some custom scarves made for the colder games so you can show your team pride without freezing your tail-gate off.

51 degrees at USC vs Stanford at Levi Stadium

This is REALLY cold for us Southern California Girls.

Were you a part of Greek life when you were in college? You can still show your Fraternity and Sorority family pride. Many Fraternities and Sororities have fundraiser game day tailgating events where they donate money to their favorite charities. Design your own customized Greek life clothing, like a sweatshirt, jacket, or even a rush inspired T-shirt and show show those young kids you still have your stylish Greek pride.

Football Tailgating With Pickles from Vlasic

But What About The Game Day Food?

Please, you can’t think that there is anything more important that the food! Good food is the main (or only) reason I go to these sporting events. Tip 1: Make sure that you do not bring anything in glass – most schools and professional sporting events do not allow you to have anything in a glass container. Whatever you decide to bring, make it something you don’t have to have utensils for.

If it’s simply your personal rule that you must eat from a plate with utensils (not judging – you do you) there are a few companies who offer food that is just PERFECT for the grill. Omaha Steaks has prepacked steaks, burgers, and sides ready for pick up. All you need to do is throw them in a cooler and fire up the grill when you’re ready. All of the preparation is done for you. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about making my life easy and efficient.

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