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‘Baby Grace’ Mom Admits Torture

Baby Grace CNN

It’s stories like these that show my just how awful people can be. As well as how loving people can be.

The mother of ‘Baby Grace’, as she was dubbed by police and investigators, has admitted to beating and torturing her daughter. Kimberly Dawn Trenor originally stated that her daughter was taken by child services last year. Instead, Kim and her husband (not the father) beat her daughter with belts, held her head under water, and threw her across the room. She suffered a fractured skull, and died from the injuries. They then hid the body for over a month!!!!

The 2-year-old, Riley Ann Sawyers, body was found in a box on the shores of Galveston’s West Bay. The town, since October 29 when she was found, has rallied around the toddler trying to find out who she is.

The toddler’s case has touched even hardened police officers, he said. “Any way you look at it, we carry a piece of her with us, and we’ll always carry a little piece of her with us,” he said Monday.

He held up a small, pink-and-white shoe identical to those the child was wearing when she was found. “That says it all. A little-bitty shoe.”

I’m sure the excuse will be that they were abused as kids, or on drugs, or were just nuts and didn’t know what was going on…. But I don’t care. Throw the book at them!