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Baby Bunnies


It’s Girls Next Door Thrusday!!!!!

So, here’s the latest scoop on the ladies and Mr. Hefner.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Holly wants babies, but Hef isn’t ready. Haven’t we heard this before? Bridget was on the air promoting her Playboy Sirius Radio show “The Bridget and Wednesday Friday Show.” (I LOVE Bridget :-) )

So here is what she had to say about the baby gossip.

Holly “does want to have Hef’s babies, but I think she wants to wait until we’re done shooting [“The Girls Next Door” reality show], and Kendra [Wilkinson ] and I aren’t there anymore. She wants to have a normal environment.”

Ouch… how is it to know you’re going to lose the meal ticket and life you’re used to!

As for whether or not Holly’s already knocked up?

“Oh, that’s not true!” Bridget told us over lunch. “Holly got wasted in Monte Carlo! We had a giant margarita glass in the middle of our table full of four bottles of booze, and we were all drinking.”

One thing that is for certain, Bridget is always down for a party. Remember, she’s the theme girl.

“I’m ready to throw the baby shower!” she laughed.


Who knows, maybe it would be a good thing for Holly to have a baby with the man she loves. And after seeing everyone on Larry King a few weeks ago, it’s obvious he really cares about all the girls, but Holly in particular. Who knows.

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