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At it again…

These two crazy kids are at it again! First Perez Hilton posted THIS on his website…

adrianne curry perez
Christopher Knight, his skanky wife and a friend at Rednofive’s 10-Year Anniversary Party in Chicago. Adrianne Curry is best known for ________.

Now here’s Adrianne Curry’s retort from her myspace page… It’s kind of funny. They should just either duke it out ala fight club, or make out like crazy teenagers…

Not safe for work FYI

April 14, 2008 – Monday

Hi, My Name is Perez Hilton!

Hello everyone, my name is Perez. I love to insult people I don’t even know. I tell masses of people that women are whores and sluts and I have absolutely no proof to back my claims. In fact, most the things I say about people are untrue and fueled on my own self loathing and insecurities.I was made fun of a lot as a boy and have been so damamged I have to degrade others to feel better about myself. I like to have my producers of my show call Adrianne Curry and ask her to come on. I also like to have them tell her and her people that I am ready to burry the hatchet on tape. Adrianne declines due to not wanting to do it on camera at the time…so I then write more stupid shit about her on my blogs! That shows that I was really sincere, right? Or, was it because I wanted ratings from the girl I like to say no one cares about. I can say Adrianne is lying, but luckily she has a few e-mails saved from the initial contact from my show. I like to make fun of other people for how the look, act, or how big I think their star is. It’s mainly to cover up for what a fucking joke I can be, seeing how I probably don’t garnar much respect from people for what I do. Maybe what I would be funny if I wasn’t so fucking mean!

You know you got nothing on this, now fuck off.