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Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Engaged, too?

John Mayer

Ok enough people! Katy Perry and John Mayer are sparking rumors of a Valentine’s Day weekend engagement. The singing duo were out at a club in West Hollywood, and Katy had on a ring!


If you want to see images of the ring, and John with Katy on their date night, you can hop over to ONTD.

Katy has said in interviews that she is not ready to jump into marriage so who knows. She also wore a pretty ring LAST VALENTINE’S DAY that Mayer gave her, that was NOT an engagement ring.

How about we just let these two be alone for a while.

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  1. Please Jesus don’t let any woman marry this douche.

    • I couldn’t agree more – she really doesn’t need to be dating him – and certainly not marrying him!

      • Honestly he’s a serial douche. There’s no way this will happen.

  2. It makes me nervous – her being engaged to him. Hopefully things will turn out well!

  3. Well she was just saying she wouldn’t rush things this time so I am sure she is engaged. Can’t imagine that would end well.

  4. They should wait MUCH longer.

  5. I hope she’s not engaged to John Mayer, she’s already been divorced once, I don’t see what the hurry is, they should take a note from Angelina and Brad!

  6. That would be a big no. I think he’s got cold feet.

  7. Hopefully Katy will take more time, I don’t think she’s ready for marriage.

  8. Lets hope not. Because they are it won’t last long. She needs to WAIT!

  9. Good grief, I hope not. He doesn’t seem like the marrying type.

  10. If he gets married to her, I don’t think it will last. He seems like he gets bored easily.