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Anthony Bourdain Returns TONIGHT With No Reservations (He’s Live Tweeting)

It has been 8 seasons of food, inuendo, piggies and meat in tube form for author/chef/Busy Bee stalking victim Anthony Bourdain, on the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations”. Tonight, Tony heads to Mozambique. Hmmm tasty.

Tony travels to Mozambique and finds himself in a mysterious, post-colonial Africa. From Portuguese ruins on Mozambique Island, to the vibrant metropolis of Maputo, Mozambique doesn’t look like anyplace Tony has been so far [travel]

To add a little bit of fun to Season 9’s premiere episode, Bourdain will be LIVE TWEETING. You can follow him (@NoReservations) and find out little behind the scenes info, and what Bourdain really thinks about the show, the food and his crew. (You can follow Busy Bee on twitter as well @BusyBeeBlogger)

Image and Video via Travel Channel

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