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Anthony Bourdain Loves His In-N-Out Just Watch

Anthony Bourdain and BusyBeeBlogger

As every good southern Californian knows, it’s all about the In-N-Out. I do not care if you are on the new paleo, juicing, all vegan diet. If you are from southern California, you have a weak spot, for the delectable goodness that is the Double Double.

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Even the original New York hipster (he is so going to hate that I said that), chef, writer, and glob trotting eater Anthony Bourdain has a thing or two to say about it. In a video posted on Eater he explains that this is the first place he stops on his trips to L.A. (As someone who moved out of state briefly, I have to agree with Bourdain on this one. One of the first places I loved hitting up was either In-N-Out or a taco stand. SoCal in a biteful.) He also says that there is a certain sophistication about having a bag full of burgers from In-N-Out versus another fast food restaurant. A type of subtle head nod from those who know, not a look of disgust for a greasy bag of patties and fries.

Bourdain also breaks down how an In-N-Out burger achieves the perfect ratio of “maximum areas of meat surface to the papills of the tongue.” And no offense Ludo, Nigella, and crew: “One of the reasons I look forward to doing The Taste is because as soon as I arrive, I’ll hit the airport In-N-Out.” [Eater]

To watch the video of Bourdain talking and eating, head over to Eater.

If you have yet to get yourself to the church of Southern California aka In-N-Out I suggest you stop there next time you’re in the area. There is one in Las Vegas, too, but there are NO plans to open any in New York despite the rumors.

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