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Anne Hathaway 'Mood Swings'

anne hathaway steve carell get smart premier


Poor poor dear Anne Hathaway. She reportedly broke it off with her bad check writing boyfriend and has since been a little emotional. But she’s still up enough to promote her new movie “Get Smart” with Steve Carell. She was on “The View” and had a little to say about her current state.

“My personality is very kind of, you know, girlish, bubbly,” she told the panelists, before adding, “Not today…I’m kind of somber today.”

Cohost Joy Behar then asked, “Mood swings?” to which Hathaway replied, “Let’s not go there.”

Poor dear, it must suck when you realize your boyfriend is a total tool. Even if you do like him.

Pics of Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell, Duane Johnson, and Alan Arkin. :-D

anne hathaway steve carell premier of get smart anne hathaway steve carell premier of get smart

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