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Aniston not dating TOXIC Model

With rumors of her fling with singer John Mayer being over, or at least cooling off, there was word that Jennifer Aniston had already filled the void with a new model. No really, the guy’s a model. Matt Felker was also in Britney Spears’ video Toxic. (the guy in the plane bathroom)

But it turns out those rumors are false. DUH! Us has this to say

But a rep for Felker tells Access Hollywood the report is “totally not true.”

Citing a source, Access is reporting that Felker briefly met Aniston about a week-and-a-half ago — and that was the extent of it.

Ah that’s too bad, he’s hot. But hotness isn’t always what you’d think. Sometimes the hot ones are just plain not interesting. I’m not saying that this cutie is not interesting… I’m just sayin’.

Aniston was also linked to Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis (before John Mayer). He denied they were seeing each other on the red carpet for Sex and the City’s movie premier.

Just for fun, here’s Matt Felker’s most famous role.

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